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Kojito is an AI writing assistant that combines best practices from top PM's with state of the art AI to help you write write better, faster and clearer.

How it works

Kojito gives you the tools, templates and an AI assistant to create fully formed, well articulated product strategy documents quickly.

1. Tell us about what you are building

Choose a template and write a short description of the task or problem your are trying to solve

2. Kojito does its magic

Kojito takes your input and uses AI trained with examples from experienced product managers to translate your idea into a clear expression of product strategy.

3. Edit and export your work

Make adjustments and edits to your content and then export it to your document editor or team collaboration tool of choice.

What do you need help writing?

Product Opportunity Assessments

Combine our different content generation templates to create a product opportunity assessment or business case to evaluate a new product offering.

Market Requirements Documents

Develop detailed market requirements to brief your team on what they are building and why.

Value Propositions Statements

Translate a brief description of a customer problem and reframe it is as a unique value proposition statement.

Target Market

Define the target market for your product offering or feature.

Competitive Analysis

Provide a list of alternative solutions and competitors to your product or feature.

Feature Ideas / Requirements

Create lists of ideas around the features and requirements of developing a solution to a particular customer problem.

User Stories

Rephrase a short task description into a descriptive and complete user story.

Job Stories

Rephrase a short task description into a "job story" from the Jobs to Be Done framework.

Product/User Interface Copy

Rephrase complicated and wordy product or user interface copy into simple, easy to understand language

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