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kojito.ai translates short technical content into clear product communications that connect your team's work back to what matters.

1. Wite a short task description

Write a short desciption for the task at hand.

2. kojito.ai does its magic

kojito.ai takes your input and translates it into a rich user story that helps keep your team stay aligned.

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Export your story to your project management tool of choice.

What do you need help writing?

User Stories

Automatically translate a short task description into a descriptive and complete user story.

Release Notes

Summarize and publish a customer facing release notes message from the body of a pull requqest.

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Product Requirements

Transform bulleted lists of product requirements into elegant prose.

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KojitoAI helps product managers from SaaS, eCommerce, robotics, consulting and all different types of companies write better user stories.