Frequently asked questions

How does Kojito's AI work?

Kojito uses OpenAI's GPT-3 API for content generation. We fine tuned the GPT-3 model using few shot learning and templates from PM's at some of the top technology companies and PM consultancies around the world.

Is this for real?

Yes! Kojito is for real. The underlying technology that Kojito uses is surprisingly accurate when fine tuned and prompted with quality input. You really have to try it to see how well it can work.

Who is Kojito for?

Kojito is designed for product managers who spend a lot of time writing product requirements, business cases, use stories and other product strategy documents. We believe this can be a helpful tool for you whether you're just getting started our are an experienced PM suffering from some writers block. We could also see other leaders in product organizations using this technology like engineering managers, program managers, or project managers.

How do I get in touch with someone for questions or feedback?

Shoot me an email at or you can find me on twitter @filipreese.

How much does it cost?

You can sign up and try Kojito for free. After your first 25 content compositions, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan that costs $25/month or $275/year. We want to make Kojito accessible and this pricing is necessary to cover our underlying costs.

Does Kojito support team collaboration?

Right now Kojito only supports individual accounts. If team collaboration is important to you reach out and talk to me at or @filipreese on twitter.

Who built this?

I'm Filip Reese. I'm a product manager with 10 years experience working at technology companies like 99designs, CultureAmp, and Blue River Technology. I've also had a built of help from some close friends on product design and engineering.

Why did you build this?

There are very few tools and products that seek to directly improve the workflows and day to day tasks of product managers. I wanted to build something that targets the creative process of product management and product discovery rather than just another project management tool. On a personal level, I built to Kojito get a better understanding of the potential for technology like GPT-3. It's also been an opportunity to brush up on my web development skills and better understand modern web technologies like Next.js,react and Supabase, among others.

Is my data secure?

Yes. While Kojito is an early stage, experimental product its built on underlying technology that has been proven to be secure and reliable at scale. The most sensitive parts of this application (auth and database) use Supabase Auth and Postgres to provide secure storage and access of your personal data.